Electric Shaver for Your Skin and Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Electric Shaver for Your Skin and Budget

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What to Look for When Buying an Electric Shaver?

Researching the various brands and models of electric shavers available in the market reveals a wide range of options to choose from. Some popular brands include Braun, Panasonic, and Philips Norelco, each offering multiple models with different features and performance capabilities.

When purchasing an electric shaver, it is important to consider certain factors. Firstly, the performance of the shaver is crucial, and the Panasonic ARC6 ES-LS8A-K has been highly recommended for its high-performance shave and user-friendly operation. Additionally, the Braun Series 9 Pro+, Panasonic Arc6 Electric Razor, and Philips Norelco 9800 Wet & Dry Shaver have been recognized as top choices.

Another important aspect to consider is the overall winner in terms of performance and quality. After extensive testing, the Braun Series 9 Pro+ 9577cc Electric Razor was selected as the best overall winner.

For those looking for the best electric razor for most faces, the Braun Series 7 7071cc has been identified as a top pick. However, if superior performance for heavy usage is desired, the Braun Series 9 Pro+ 9577cc is recommended.

How to choose right Electric Razors ?

When looking to purchase an electric shaver, it is important to compare the prices and customer reviews of different models in order to find the best value for your money. Several sources provide information and recommendations on the top electric shavers for men in 2024. According to Men’s Health, the “8 Best Electric Shavers for Men in 2024” include the Series 9 Pro+, the Arc6 Electric Razor, and the 9800 Wet & Dry Shaver, among others. We recommends the Braun Series 9 Pro+ 9577cc, the Panasonic ARC6 ES-LS8A-K, and the Philips Norelco 9800 S9987/85 as the best men’s electric shavers for 2024.

According to Forbes, the Braun Series 9 Pro 9419s Electric Shaver is considered the most efficient model on the market.

The New York Times’ Wirecutter mentions plans to retest their picks against Braun Series 8 shavers and the Panasonic Arc6, among other models, and update their guide accordingly.

Additionally, Amazon provides customer reviews and pricing information for a variety of electric shavers, allowing potential buyers to compare options and find the best deal for their budget.

When buying an electric shaver, it is important to consider your specific needs and preferences. There are several factors to take into account, such as the type of shaver, wet or dry shaving capability, corded or cordless operation, and additional features like trimmers or cleaning systems.

Foil or Rotary Shaver?

The first decision to make is whether to go for a foil or rotary shaver. Foil shavers use oscillating blades under a thin, perforated foil to cut hair, providing a close shave and ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or shorter facial hair. Rotary shavers have rotating circular blades that can easily maneuver around facial contours, suitable for individuals with longer hair or those who prefer a quick shave.

Wet or Dry ?

Consider whether you prefer wet or dry shaving. Wet shaving allows you to use shaving foam or gel for a smoother experience, while dry shaving offers convenience and can be done without any additional products. Look for a shaver that offers both options if you prefer the flexibility of wet and dry shaving.

Corded or Cordless ?

Decide between a corded or cordless shaver. Corded shavers provide continuous power without worrying about battery life, but have limited mobility due to the need for an electrical outlet. Cordless shavers offer freedom of movement and are ideal for travel, powered by rechargeable batteries. Consider the battery life and charging time of the shaver.

Trimmers and Cleaning System

Additional features like trimmers or cleaning systems can enhance your shaving experience. Built-in trimmers are useful for shaping or maintaining facial hair, while cleaning systems help to keep your shaver hygienic and in good condition. Consider if these features align with your grooming routine and add value to your overall shaving experience.

Ultimately, the best electric shaver for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs. It is advisable to read reviews, compare different models, and consider the factors mentioned above before making a decision.

This exhaustive guide cuts through the clutter, helping you find the perfect electric shaver that matches your needs and budget, leaving you with smooth, irritation-free skin.

We’ve meticulously reviewed and compared top shavers across three price points: High-End, Mid-Range, and Entry-Level, ensuring you find the ideal fit, whether you’re a shaving aficionado or a budget-conscious beginner.

So, ditch the disposable blades and strap in! Your smoothest shave awaits…

High-End Shaver Showdown:

For those who demand the crème de la crème, these luxury shavers deliver unparalleled performance and pampering:

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465cc

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465cc

This titanium masterpiece boasts MicroMotion blades that dance across your face like butterflies, adapting to every contour for an unbelievably close, irritation-free shave. Its sleek design, cleaning station, and travel case make it the ultimate luxury grooming companion.

Panasonic Arc 6 ES-LS8A-K


Panasonic’s latest flagship shaver is a multi-blade maestro, tackling even the coarsest beards with a symphony of smooth strokes. Its nano-coated blades glide like silk, while its pivoting head ensures zero dead zones. Wet/dry capabilities and a cleaning station round out this versatile masterpiece.

Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige SP9886/89


This innovative shaver is the SkinIQ whisperer, adapting to your pressure for a personalized shaving experience. Its Lift & Cut trimmer deals with strays like a ninja, while SmartClick attachments transform it into a grooming powerhouse. It’s like having a personal barber in your bathroom!

Remington HyperFlex Pro XF8550

Remington redefines flexibility with this shaver’s eight independent heads, contouring to your face like a chameleon. Its linear motor delivers power without the sting, while a pop-up trimmer and cleaning station make it convenient and hygienic. Shaving shouldn’t be a workout, and the HyperFlex Pro proves it.

Andis 17300 reSURGE

Andis 17300 reSURGE

Barbers swear by this professional-grade foil shaver for a reason. Its ultra-thin foil delivers razor-sharp precision, making short work of even the thickest beards. Durable and powerful, it’s the no-nonsense workhorse of the high-end arena.

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We tackled the high-end haven, and now it’s time to explore the treasure trove of mid-range and entry-level electric shavers! Forget exorbitant price tags – smooth, irritation-free shaves are attainable for every budget. So, buckle up, budget-conscious shavers, as we reveal the champions in each category!

Mid-Range Masterpieces:

These shavers deliver exceptional performance without maxing out your wallet:

Braun Series 7 790cc

Braun Series 7 790cc

This versatile champion boasts an oscillating head and MicroMotion blades that hug your contours like a well-worn sweater. Wet/dry capabilities and a cleaning station make it shower-friendly and low-maintenance. Its travel case ensures smooth on-the-go shaving, making it the perfect all-rounder for active lives.

Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S

Panasonic’s Arc 5 shaver is a five-blade symphony, gliding across your face with unbeatable smoothness. Its pivoting head misses no nooks and crannies, while wet/dry capabilities and a pop-up trimmer make it adaptable and convenient. Think of it as the jack-of-all-trades of mid-range shavers.

Philips Norelco Shaver 7700

This powerhouse features SkinIQ Technology, reading your skin pressure and adjusting power for a personalized shave. Its Lift & Cut trimmer tames stray hairs, while SmartClick attachments expand its grooming prowess. It’s like having a shaving AI in your hand, adapting to your every need.

Remington MB4700

Remington’s Smart Beard shaver dances to the tune technology, contouring to your face like a liquid shadow. Its pop-up trimmer and wet/dry capabilities make it versatile, while its sleek design and travel case add to its convenience. It’s the dancing queen of mid-range shavers, gliding effortlessly across your mug.

Wahl Aqua Blade Model 9899-100

Wahl Aqua Blade Model 9899-100

This budget-friendly beast packs a punch. Its wet/dry capabilities make it shower-friendly, while its hypoallergenic blades are kind to sensitive skin. It’s the no-frills workhorse of the mid-range arena, delivering clean shaves without the bells and whistles.

Shaving shouldn’t be a painful reminder of past nicks and cuts. It should be a ritual of smooth confidence, leaving you with irritation-free skin and a smile. But with so many shavers out there, finding the perfect match for your budget and skin type can feel like navigating a minefield. Worry not, brave shavers! This ultimate guide is your map to shaving nirvana.

Entry-Level Gems:

These champions prove that smoothness doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg:

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

This compact powerhouse packs a punch with its MicroComb technology, lifting hairs for a close, comfortable shave. Its wet/dry capabilities and pop-up trimmer add versatility, while its travel-friendly size makes it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. It’s the pocket rocket of entry-level shavers, delivering impressive results without weighing you down.

Panasonic ARC 3 ES-LT41-K

Panasonic’s budget-friendly offering features a three-blade system that tackles most beards with ease. Its pivoting head navigates curves, while its wet/dry capabilities make it shower-ready. It’s the reliable sidekick of entry-level shavers, always there to lend a smooth hand.

Philips Norelco Series 3000

This shaver boasts PowerAdapt technology, automatically adjusting to your beard density for a consistent, comfortable shave. Its pop-up trimmer and wet/dry capabilities make it adaptable, while its sleek design is easy on the eyes. It’s the tech-savvy friend of entry-level shavers, always one step ahead with its smart features.

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Remington Multigroomer 5000

Remington’s Power Series packs a punch in the performance department. Its Comfort Glide blades minimize friction, while its pivoting head ensures even coverage. Its wet/dry capabilities and pop-up trimmer make it versatile, while its sleek design adds a touch of style. Think of it as the muscle car of entry-level shavers, powerful and smooth with a touch of swagger.

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Remington F5-5800


The Remington F5-5800 is the entry-level shaver that punches above its weight. Its Comfort Glide blades and pivoting head team up to deliver a smooth, irritation-free shave, while its wet/dry capabilities and pop-up trimmer make it versatile and convenient. Think of it as a sleek muscle car for your face: powerful, no-nonsense, and gets the job done with style and value.

Remember, your perfect entry-level match depends on your needs. Consider travel, skin type, and beard density. But, one thing’s for sure: smoothness doesn’t have to break the bank! So, ditch the disposable blades and experience the world of electric shavers – your pocket and your face will thank you!

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