Pitbull Platinum PRO

Pitbull Platinum PRO: Redefining the Shaving Experience

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Pitbull Platinum PRO provides a smooth shave without irritation. It is a rotary shaver specifically designed to provide a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. It is actually a precision engineer electric shaver with four direction floating heads.

The main feature which makes it stand out in the market is that it has multidirectional shaving capability. So, this shaver adapts to the contours of your head, face, neck, and jaw. So, this ensures a closed and efficient shave.

Another amazing feature of this gadget is that it gives you the convenience of wet and dry shaving. According to different users, it will be a great experience shaving with this best electric shaver for men.

It is a cordless shaver, so you can use it with freedom. The sleek and ergonomic design of this product makes it easy to hold. It also allows hard-to-reach areas of the face and head to effortlessly.

Shaving performance

The Pitbull Platinum Pro is actually a four-head rotary shaver especially designed for both wet and dry shaving. Another amazing feature due to which it becomes different from others is its new pro blade design. Mostly, its amazing shaving performance is actually due to a powerful motor. According to different users, this shaver will definitely give you a close and smooth shave with minimal irritation.

Blade quality

The Blade of this shaver is made up of high quality German Steel. These blades are also coated with Nickel and chromium for amazing durability. Just like the stainless Steel Blades of different electric shavers, they are also self-sharpening. So there is no need to replace them for almost a year. According to different users, these blades can be a little sharp. So, at the start, you should use it with light pressure while shaving.

Battery life

The Pitbull Platinum Pro provides 90 minutes of shaving time on a single charge. Charging the battery is a simple process with the USB cable provided.

cordless use up to 90 min
flexible shaving heads
wet and dry shaving
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As I also discussed earlier, it has an ergonomic design. Therefore, it is comfortable to hold and use. You will not feel any irritation or stress while shaving. Many shavers are waterproof, but this Pitbull electric shaver is water resistant. So still, you can use it in the shower. It comes with a travel lock, a premium travel case, and a cleaning brush.

Pitbull Platinum PRO Travel Case
Pitbull Platinum PRO Travel Case


According to different experts, Pitbull Platinum Pro is a premium shaver. Therefore, it is priced accordingly on Amazon. Its price is $195 and it is due to the quality of this electric shaver. This electric shaver is on sale, and its actual price with bonus blade is $210.

The Pitbull Platinum Pro with bonus blade
The Pitbull Platinum Pro + bonus blade
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Smart self-shaving kit

This is the best electric shaver and stands out in the market due to its compact design. It also comes up with ultra-flexible pivoting blades, which make it perfectly suitable for shaving. It is a rotary electric shaver with rotary shaving heads. So these rotary shaving heads allow you to safely shave in any direction. So, in this way, it shows that it gives you full freedom and convenience of shaving anywhere.

Pitbull Platinum PRO included
Pitbull Platinum PRO included

IPX waterproof wet and dry electric shaver

I also discussed earlier that you can use this tool in wet or dry form according to your convenience. You can use it in dry form for quick touch-ups. However, on the other side, you can use it in the shower or with a gel or a cream.

Deeper cleaning

If you want a deep clean along with shaving, then this electric shaver is just made for you. It has high-quality pro blades, which are specially designed for an easy deep clean. These blades become separate to give easy access to a storage chamber. So you can open it and clean out all those trapped hairs after every shave. It will keep your shaver working in optimal condition.

Final Thoughts

If you want precise shaving, then this electric shaver is just made for you. Pitbull Platinum Pro has advanced features and ergonomic design. It does not matter whether you want a close shave or a quick trim; this shaver delivers the exceptional results that you ever want. It is a very versatile electric shaver for men with water-resistance features. No one can deny its powerful battery, therefore making it a convenient grooming tool for both home and travel use. According to different reviews, it is a high-quality electric razor that has great worth for its price. If you are seeking a reliable and efficient shaving solution, then none other than Pitbull Platinum Pro is the best choice.

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