Best Electric Razors For Men

The Best Electric Razors For Men (2024)

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Men’s grooming technology continues advancing at record speeds with the latest electric shavers delivering unprecedented comfort, customization, and convenience. Brands like Braun, Panasonic, and Philips lead the razor race, packing proprietary technology into ergonomic handles suitable for every facial hair type.

We cover today’s top electric shaver releases from advanced foil shavers to rotary powerhouses, diving into the unique performance benefits that make them worth the splurge.

Braun’s Newest Release: Series 9 PRO+ 9567cc

Braun Series 9 PRO+ 9567cc


Packed with Braun’s latest Intelligent IGNITION technology

Innovative AutoSensePRO mode customizes to your shaving style

Innovative AutoSensePRO mode customizes to your shaving style

Unique SkinGuard protects against irritation

Ultra-close 0.05mm OptiFoil cut


Very expensive, over $300

Not suited for body or head shaving

As Germany’s number 1 shaver brand for precision engineering, Braun continues breaking ground with its newest PRO+ line, starting with the Series 9 9567cc. Dubbed Braun’s most efficient shaver yet, the 9567cc features a fully adaptive shaver head with eight-direction SmartFlexPRO technology.

The shaver utilizes Braun’s latest Intelligence IGNITION technology to offer complete hair detection and adaption. Integrated sensors continually measure beard density and automatically optimize power for efficient, yet gentle trimming. Braun packs comfort and convenience into an intuitive AutoSensePRO mode that adapts to your personal shaving style for custom comfort.

Unique to the PRO+ line is Braun’s innovative SkinGuard technology built to protect men with sensitive skin prone to irritation. The extra layer actively glides over the skin while cutting hairs as close as 0.05mm for Braun’s smoothest, flush finish yet.

As Braun’s most advanced foil shaver, the Series 9 PRO+ tackles a week’s worth of beard growth without compromise. The new shaver fits perfectly into your existing Clean&Charge station for a hygienic clean and charge in as little as 1 hour.

Panasonic’s New Arc6 ES-LS9A-K

Panasonic Arc6 ES-LS9A-K
Panasonic Arc6 ES-LS9A-K


Next-generation Japanese steel Nanotech blades

Slimmer head expertly follows facial contours

High-speed linear motor with sensors

Pivoting 25-degree shaver head

Convenient cleaning and charging stand


Very expensive, over $400

Not great for full-head shaving

Following the success of the Arc5 series, Panasonic raises the bar with its latest Arc6 electric shaver lineup. The new Arc6 ES-LS9A-K features refined Nanotech Japanese steel blades that maintain ultra-precision for up to 6 years. 

The highly acclaimed Arc foil follows facial contours for remarkably smooth, clean passes across flat and contoured zones. Under the hood, a specialized linear drive automatically detects and adapts to beard density for custom comfort in every pass. Compared to the Arc5, the slimmer Arc6 body hugs curves along the jaw and under the nose more seamlessly.

A standout feature is the shaver’s back-and-forth 25-degree pivoting head with six floating foils for increased comfort. Together with Panasonic’s fast linear motor, the Adaptive Pivoting Shaver Head tracks perfectly along the skin for fewer strokes and less irritation.

For wet/dry convenience, the Arc6 proves 100% waterproof while the premium automatic cleaning and charging stand provides specialized cleaning and maintenance. Expect 45 minutes of cordless runtime and a quick 5-minute charge for one full shave

Braun’s Innovative Series 7 7032cs

Braun Series 7 7032cs
Braun Series 7 7032cs


Exceptional value under $200

Flexible SmartFlex shaver head

Packed with advanced AutoSense and Sonic technology

50 minute cordless runtime, 1 hour charge

Fits existing Clean&Charge stations


Not as close as Series 8 or 9

Replacement foils expensive

Braun’s mid-range Series 7 line strikes an outstanding balance of closeness, skin comfort, and convenience, without the ultra-premium price tag. As Braun’s most advanced Series 7 ever designed, the 7032cs model utilizes flexible SmartFlex shaver heads housing three cutting elements.

The optimized foil and slots capture more hair in the first stroke while protecting the skin. Unique to the Series 7, specialized Auto Sense technology continually adapts the motor to your beard thickness for customized efficiency. Intelligent Sonic technology delivers up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute to capture difficult and missed hairs.

You’ll impressively get seven weeks of runtime with just a one-hour charge thanks to upgraded lithium batteries. The model conveniently fits into your existing Clean & Charge Station or operates cordlessly for wet and dry use. Overall, the Series 7 improves on Braun’s already outstanding middle-range shavers, upping comfort and convenience.

Philips Breakthrough S9000 Prestige SP9886/89

Philips S9000 Prestige SP988689
Philips S9000 Prestige SP988689


Redesigned using breakthrough SenseIQ intelligence

NanoTech precision blades cut 30% more hair

Delivers a measurably closer shave

AI-powered real-time beard density sensors

Enhanced SmartClean System PRO


Very expensive at over $400

Not great for coarse or curly beard types

Philips Norelco launched its most advanced shaver yet with the award-winning S9000 Prestige, now updated with the SP9886/89 model. Showcasing upgrades like contour-detecting NanoTech precision blades and a redesigned shaver head, the SP9886/89 delivers a measurably closer shave

Intelligent SenseIQ technology uses advanced sensors and AI to detect hair density, adapting power in real time. The dynamic, 8-directional shaver head moves seamlessly to cut up to 30% more hair in a single pass, regardless of growth direction. Philips keeps comfort luxurious with an aquatic clean shave using a hydrating gel reservoir and anti-friction SkinGlide rings.

Philips preserves convenience with an upgraded SmartClean System PRO that cleans, lubricates, and charges the shaver to full power in under an hour. You’ll impressively get 80+ minutes of cordless use from 1.5 hours of charging

For the closest rotary shave powered by AI-driven smarts, the Prestige S9000 SP9886/89 surpasses its predecessor and top competitors. Exceptional German craftsmanship proves this Philips’ best rotary model yet. 

Panasonic ES-PV6A LAMDASH Palm

Panasonic ES-PV6A


Sharp Nanotech blades with ultra-fast linear motor

Seamlessly pivots 25 degrees for contour tracking

Wet/dry waterproof flexibility

Great for cutting longer, missed hairs


No automatic cleaning station

Panasonic’s new ES-PV6A brings advanced Japanese shaving innovation to the mid-range market, building on the flagship Arc5 line. Packed with a high-efficiency 13,000 CPM linear drive motor and sharp Nanotech blades, the ES-PV6A delivers Panasonic’s fastest most efficient shave in its class.

The streamlined shaver head seamlessly pivots 25 degrees back and forth, optimizing close contact over contours along the chin, jaw, and neck areas. Six independent floating foils flexibly adjust along facial curves, cutting nearly as close as the Arc5 in fewer repeated strokes.

Wet/dry waterproofing gives the flexibility for a comfortable wet shave. Reviewers are especially impressed by the ES-PV6A’s quiet yet powerful motor and ability to tackle longer hairs missed in previous passes.

While not packing the premium automatic cleaning station of flagship Arc models, the value offered in the ES-PV6A is unmatched for those wanting advanced Panasonic shaving tech without the very premium investment. Included is a convenient pop-up trimmer perfect for mustache and sideburn detailing.

The ES-PV6A makes for an impressive and more affordable step into Panasonic’s innovative electric shaver catalog. Expect the efficient power and comfort of flagship models packed into an everyday use package designed for value.

Philips Upgrades Series 5000 Wet & Dry

Philips Series 5000 S558889
Philips Series 5000 S5588/89
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Built-in Comfort Rings minimize skin irritation

Aquatec rating for wet & dry use

Self-sharpening steel precision blades + 5-direction flex heads

20% more hair cut in a single pass

80-minute cordless runtime


Still not as close as Series 9000 shaves

Replacement heads cost over $30

Philips Norelco’s value-focused 5000 line gets an impressive upgrade with the all-new S5588/89 model designed for wet & dry electric shaving. Showcasing self-sharpening steel precision blades, specialized Comfort Rings, and a beautifully aquatic shave design, the upgraded Series 5000 makes experiencing top-notch rotary technology refreshingly affordable.

The shaver head smoothly follows facial contours with 5-direction flex heads effortlessly cutting 20% more hairs in fewer passes. Philips builds on its legacy of comfort technology including low-friction SkinGlide rings that minimize irritation for all skin types. Plus, the Aquatec Wet & Dry seal gives the flexibility to shave dry or pair with your favorite gel or foam for smooth glide. You’ll get 80 minutes of cordless shaving after a 1-hour charge.

For a mid-range rotary shaver under $140 delivering innovative comfort technologies in a highly reviewed package, the Philips Series 5000 S5588/89 offers outstanding access to premium rotary performance. Expect closer, smoother shaves over entry-level Norelco models that impressively rival more advanced Philips shavers.

Panasonic ARC3 ES-LT67-A
Panasonic ARC3 ES-LT67-A


Sharp 30-degree Nanotech blades

Efficient 13,000 cuts per minute motor

New wet/dry design for shave gel use

Pivoting head remains close over contours

Incredible value for under $100


Still a step down from Arc5’s closeness

No cleaning station

Panasonic advances its ultra-affordable Arc3 line with the ES-LT67-A newly equipped for wet/dry shaving. Showcasing three 30-degree Nanotech blades and a high-efficiency motor, the upgraded Arc3 delivers more cuts per minute for faster, closer passes.

The pivoting head maintains close contact with skin for comfort while the upgraded linear motor drive delivers 13,000 cuts per minute for noticeably faster shaves. A new Aquatec Wet/Dry design gives the convenience of a waterproof shave, gel shave or dry cordless shaving on the go. At under $100, it’s one of the most cost-effective and high-performing Panasonic shavers available.

While the closeness doesn’t compare to premium Arc6 models, the entry-level Arc3 LT67-A outperforms comparative rotary shavers in its class. Expect a consistent, stubble-free shave safely over sensitive zones like the neck and jawline.

Braun’s All-In-One Shaving & Grooming Kit

Braun All-in-One Style Kit Series 9 9440
Braun All-in-One Style Kit Series 9 9440


Includes Series 9 electric shaver

3 Specialized groomer click-on attachments

Fully washable and rechargeable

Convenient travel case for all components

Effortlessly shave & edge in one tool


Attachments not customizable or adjustable

Braun sets the standard for high-performance electric shavers. Now with the Series 9 9440 All-in-One kit, Braun bundles its Series 9 shaver with 3 specialized click-on attachments for going beyond an ultra-close shave. Tackle precision styling around the nose, brows, and sideburns using custom-fit attachments without swapping out tools.

Effortlessly transition from an ultra-close shave to trimming and defining edges around ears, brows, and lips. Enjoy total convenience with a dedicated travel case neatly holding all components—all rechargeable and washable. So if you want the latest Series 9 upgraded with indispensable grooming attachments without the hassle, Braun curates an all-in-one kit upgrading your entire shaving experience.


When finding your closest electric shave, ensure the shaver seamlessly glides over the contours of your face. Expect a comfortable, clean pass without repeated strokes over tricky spots like the neck and jawline. Pay attention to convenience factors like charging times, wet & dry flexibility, and cost of replacement parts. And look for the latest comfort technologies designed specifically for your skin type.

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