Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000 Review: Affordable and Efficient Grooming

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By ShaversHub

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000 is the highly recommended body groomer for men. However, ladies can also use it on different parts of the body. The best feature that makes it stand out among other products is its good battery life.

You don’t have to recharge it again and again. Even it works for a long time after 15 to 20 minutes of charging. Also, another feature that I like the most about this body groomer is that I did not feel any kind of irrational after using it.

But keep this thing in mind that if you use it on a particular area for a long time then there is a chance that you might feel irritation.


The rounded tip of the groomer and hypoallergenic foil will give you the super result that you ever want. Another great quality of the tool is that it is specially designed for a comfortable shave on sensitive skin.

Four directional pivoting heads are present on this groomer which therefore reaches close to your body for a closer shave. Therefore, these qualities will help in minimizing the nicks and cuts on the skin. It also offers the flexibility for shaving in the dry or the shower, depending on the way you use it.

Blade Quality

The Blade of this body groomer is made up of high-quality stainless Steel material which shows that it is very sharp. Therefore, it maintains sharpness with time and reduces the need for frequent replacements. With the help of rounded tips and combs, it minimizes skin irritation. Thus it is also suitable for sensitive areas.

Battery life

The battery of this tool is made up of lithium-ion and it is a cordless body groomer when you charge it for 60 minutes in a single go. It is sufficient for most grooming sessions.

 It also comes up with a quick charge function which gives you full charge in just one hour. It also comes up with an LED indicator that shows the remaining battery life. Therefore, it helps you plan your grooming routine efficiently and effectively.


Talking about its design, the thing which I like about this body groomer is that it comes with an attachment so that you can also shave your back. This is an extra-long attachment. It also comes up with 3 bi-directional combs for a precise trim above and below the belt.

Extra long attachment
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Overall, it gives you easy manscaping with skin protection technology. Due to its unique design, it is fully waterproof and is safe to use even in the shower. Therefore, it also gives you easy cleaning under the running water. It also comes with a detachable head which facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.


It is an affordable body groomer for men in 2024 which generally falls within the budget-friendly range. So we can say that it offers good value for its performance and features. It is also durable and is built to last. Therefore, it is potentially justifying the upfront cost in the long run.

Optimal results

If you want a machine that will give you optimum results after trimming then this body groomer is just made for you. Keep this thing in mind that you are keeping it clean with every use to get the best results.

If it remains dirty, you will not get the trimming you want. You should wash it with water after every use and remove the hair stuck in the head and blades. It ensures that the machine has an optimal cut. It is not necessary to go through the same area many times; it will never irritate the skin.


Just like many body groomers and trimmers, it also comes with accessories that are easy to remove and put on. However, on the other side, the trimming head of the body groomer is easy to tear apart for cleaning.

Even if you use it in the shower its handle never slips. The reason is that its cut-out is pretty good which helps you give the result almost identical to using the razor but without the risk of cuts. 

Perfect for all body areas

Keep this thing in my many specific body trimmers. Although there is not nothing mentioned some trimmers are unable to cut the hairs from the particular areas. But thanks to this body groomer in 2024 which can be used for all body parts such as beard arms legs armpits, chest back, etc.


The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000 is the best option for those who want a comfortable, convenient, and affordable body groomer. It fulfills all your basic shaving and trimming needs. The best thing is that you can use it in dry conditions as well as under the shower. This is just magic where you can trim your hair without getting any cuts or nicks. The pivoting head and rounding blades cater to skin sensitivity.

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