Panasonic ARC5 ES-LV65-S

Panasonic ARC5 ES-LV65-S: The Ultimate Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

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Panasonic ARC5 ES-LV65-S comes in the category of the best electric shaver for sensitive skin. The most astonishing feature of this electric saver is that it delivers a comfortable and precise shave. It has pivoting multi-flex heads with a motor speed of 14000 cuts per minute.

Most surprisingly, this electric shaver for close shave works well on both the thick hairs as well as the fine hairs. According to researchers, it is one of the world’s best electric razors. So, it will definitely give you a close shave with minimal effort. However, the previous model is a little bit slow but this one is efficient.

You can use it as a wet and dry shaver according to your needs. So we can say that it is the latest gadget to self-groom yourself either in the shower or on the move.

Here, in the review of Panasonic ARC5 ES-LV65-S, we will talk about the blade quality, shaving performance, battery life, design, price, etc. So that you will have a clear idea about this shaver.

Shaving performance

It is the best shaver for sensitive-skinned males with a 5-blade shaving system. So, it gives you a close and comfortable shave for most users, even on thick hair. With the help of a multiplex pivoting head, it can easily adapt to facial contours, giving you a smoother shave with less irritation.

Mult-Flex Pivoting Head and Pop-up trimmer

Talking about its blade, there are nanotech blades that remain sharpened for a longer time. It also reduces the requirement for frequent replacements. Another great quality of this shaver is that you can use it in wet form or dry form. So, in this way, you can also shave with or without shaving gel or cream for added flexibility.

Blade quality

This is the best electric shaver for men, made up of high-quality Japanese stainless steel. The best thing about this blade is that it gives you great sharpness and durability. It also comes up with a nanotech coating, which reduces friction and wear.

5 nanotech blades for a sensitive skin and close shave

Therefore, it maintains the sharpness for a longer time. These are hypoallergenic blades which are specially made for the sensitive skin. Keep this thing in mind that these are high quality and expensive blades.

Battery life

Talking about its battery life, it gives you 45 minutes of shaving time on a single charge. It also comes up with a quick charge function, therefore giving you three minutes of shaving with a 5-minute charge. So it is also ideal for emergencies. This electric shaver with an LED indicator that displays the remaining battery level.

LED Battery indicator
100% waterproof
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It is a very lightweight electric shaver for sensitive skin comfortable to hold and maneuver. It is also very easy to clean. You can wash it with water, and the reason is that it has a washable head. It also has a travel lock, which prevents accidental activation. However, on the other side, it is a pop-up trimmer for mustache and sideburn detailing.


This electric shaver is relatively more expensive as compared to other models available in the market. The reason is that it comes up with extensive features and amazing shaving performance. It is a long-lasting shaver with high-quality blades on the market.

Fastest electric saver

It is the fastest electric shaver with high performance, giving you 14000 cuts per minute. It has a powerful motor which smoothly powers 5 blades having the ability to cut even the thickest hair very easily. It has a linear motor that maintains the full speed throughout the shaving process, even at the end of every battery charge.

Active shave sensor technology

It is a top-rated electric shaver for sensitive skin with active shave sensor technology. So when you shave, its advanced sensors detect the differences in beard density. It can also adjust its power flow automatically to accelerate when your beard is thickest.

Precision pop-up trimmer

If you want a precise shave, then this shaver is just made for you. It is definitely a precision pop-up shaving trimmer with a quality shave. It easily gives you details on the sideburns and mustache.

Perfect for traveling

You can also use this electric shaver for traveling. The best feature of this electric shaver is that it has Universal voltage and comes with a travel safety lock. It also has a travel pouch for on-the-go grooming.

5 blade system

With the five-blade system, you can easily get the close and comfortable shave that you ever want. It is a gentle electric shaver with a 30-degree edge. Think about its blades; these are actually ultrasharp inner blades that can cut hair cleanly at the base of the skin. With the help of five arched outer foils, you can use different patterns to capture and cut different hair types and lengths for a more efficient shave.

Final words

Panasonic ARC5 ES-LV65-S is considered the best electric shave for sensitive skin. It will definitely give you the premium shaving experience that you ever want. If you want a very close shave without any irritation, then this one is just made for you. Its convenient feature is a high-quality 5 blade system that makes it stand out in the market. Consider your desired shaving performance, skin sensitivity, and your budget before making a decision.

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